button tufted sofa


Tufting is back and it’s more popular than ever. There are several different styles of tufting which make this design aesthetic very versatile.

Diamond tufting is the most commonly used and the most traditional. This signature arrangement creates a soft, romantic look, harkening back to the Victorian era. The use of velvets, silks and satin lend an air of formality, while linens and nubby fabrics foster a more casual vibe. And, there is nothing more masculine than that great diamond leather tufted Chesterfield.

Biscuit tufting is cleaner and flatter in appearance and is recognized by its square shape. This technique is often accompanied by the use of baseball stitching, which adds yet another level of dimension to this wonderful styling very often used on large cocktail ottomans.

Button tufting is somewhere in between. It provides a chic, more tailored appearance than the original diamond variety, however, the small hollows created by the buttons being pulling tightly against the fabric are the “star” of this technique. A multitude of patterns can be created. This style of tufting is equally at home in both traditional and contemporary settings. Beware of dogs and children…..the buttons can become dislodged.

Be creative. Use this wonderful design element not only on upholstery, but on casegoods and even walls. Happy tufting!

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